Evolving Convergely – Delivering an Embedded experience in HipChat



Here at Convergely, we fundamentally believe in the power of team chat to make every team more productive. Email is an outdated collaboration mechanism. As chat tools have become more popular, we’ve focused on bringing greater value to teams by building capabilities on top of chat.

We built Convergely to help make individuals, and teams, more productive. Succeeding in a fast-paced culture requires creativity and action. By letting users schedule messages, instantly poll a room and annotate images – we help teams move from ideation to execution – all from their natural environment in chat.

Recently, the HipChat team reached out to tell us about their next generation API, HipChat Connect. HipChat Connect, currently in beta, really excites us because it allowed us to build the experience we imagined for our customers.

HipChat Connect provides a user-centric interface for add-ons like ours. Taking advantage of the embedded apps movement, HipChat Connect allows us to put all of Convergely’s actions inside the chat room.  It’s a faster, smoother, more contextual and focused experience for our customers. Now there is no need for slash commands or additional log-ins to remember.  It’s the exact API we were dreaming of.

For instance, to successfully schedule a message through slash commands, you have to remember the exact order of the elements to include – a sequence of command, date, message – and are thus more prone to error.

Screen Shot Slash Command

Using a rich integration framework, the communication process is much more user-friendly. The intuitive UI guides the user through the whole process – selecting the desired feature, picking the date, the time, etc.

Convergely in HipChat - schedule messages

This is why we believe in the potential of HipChat Connect to revolutionize the real-time collaboration market. You don’t have to take our word for it –  TheNextWeb VentureBeat and  TechCrunch all agree this is a major step in team chat.  


Try it for yourself and see how a rich integrated framework can make all the difference.

As always, we are here to meet your needs and provide you with the services you need.

Shoot us an email at support@convergely.com and let us know what features you would like to see integrated with HipChat next.