Slash commands – important update


Hey there!

Are you using Convergely with your Slack account? Then we have an important update to share with you.

Thanks to Slack’s new easy-peasy Slash commands, now you don’t have to bother changing your settings and manually adding Slash commands to your account anymore. We do it for you!

Before this update, you were supposed to personally set up your Slash commands and add your Slack validation key to Convergely. The change we are implementing means that we set up the command for you, using our own key.

So starting today, we are applying the new Slack security and policies, meaning that if you want to keep using `/keo` (including your favorite `/keo deliver tomorrow at 9:00 good morning team`), you will need to re-authorize the app to do so.

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 2.44.13 PM

After this one simple step, you will be able to enjoy all of Slack’s new features without having to go through the same old complicated process.

Simple is the new Slack!


For more information about this change, feel free to contact us at