Introducing our handy helper raccoon, Keo!


After many months of negotiation, Keo, our handy helping raccoon (who has always worked behind the scenes), has decided to become our public, Convergely mascot. 

What has he done before?

Keo was already helping you with your day to day tasks–he was just sneaky about it, as many raccoons are in nature. But now, he has come out of the shadows and has revealed his true identity to you all. Wait for it…Keo has always been the Convergely bot! Keo makes it easy to annotate images and schedule your messages simultaneously. 

What does he do outside of working hours?

Keo is available 24/7. But when you’re not using him, he does his best to steal food out of garbages and has a bad habit of collecting left over tacos. He always smells like cliantro… 

Despite his personal bad habits (we don’t judge), Keo is our mascot, and your loyal friend. You will be hearing more about him in the near future… so stay tuned!


 racoon tail